Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great

Peter the Great was a Russian tsar during 1689-1725.  He looked fondly upon Western societies and desired to have Russia become more modern.

Peter enforced the modernization of Russia by doing a number of different things to make this possible.  He heavily taxed men who wore the older, more traditional robes and those who had long hair and beards.

Because of major defeats by Sweden Peter also saw the need for a modern army.  To do this he made factories that produced war materials.  He brought in the commanders of his armies from other countries and forced the people to enlist in the army.  With this came more taxes so that the better army could be paid for.

Peter the (not so) Great put the Russian Orthodox Church under the authority of the government.  He assigned professors and laymen to be the administrators of the church and then had different committees over the different sections of the church.

He, like many other rulers who had their authority questioned, tortured those who went against him.  His own son was even amongst those who he ordered to be tortured.

The Russian tsar Peter the Great obtained a lot of power and was a very strict figure of authority.

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