Light-Dependent Reactions and the Calvin Cycle

The Calvin Cycle occurs during photosynthesis and makes a glucose (sugar) molecule.  It happens after the light-dependent reactions in photosynthesis. The Calvin Cycle is called a light-independent reaction because it does not directly use light to function, but the outcomes of the light-dependent reactions that occur before the Calvin Cycle are actually a vital part … More Light-Dependent Reactions and the Calvin Cycle

A Deer Problem

Living in the country or somewhere where there hasn’t been much development can often lead to frequent visits by pesky animals who want to feed off of your land and garden.  These animals could be deer, rabbits, raccoons, or bears. My grandparents live on a farm and they get many different animal visitors during ever … More A Deer Problem

A Mooching Virus

Viruses are very manipulative.  They aren’t actually living organisms, they use other organisms’ qualities in order to reproduce themselves and spread around.  Think of a person mooching off of you by living in your house, eating your food, and not helping out around the house because they do whatever they want all day instead of … More A Mooching Virus

About Cancer

When I was a little girl we went to visit a friend in the hospital who had cancer.  I wanted to cheer the girl up but I was worried that I might catch what she had.  Hospitals are where sick people go, so I might get sick too! I thought.*  Even after my parents reassured … More About Cancer

Analyzing and Predicting Hereditary Traits

If a couple (married man and woman) wanted to know what the probability of the traits and characteristics their children would have, eye color, hereditary disease, etc. they would have to analyze each side of their family history.  By accounting for what type of trait was common in their family they could create a family … More Analyzing and Predicting Hereditary Traits


The cell is very diverse.    If an object has no cell it is not alive and anything smaller than a cell is not alive because cells are the most basic units of life.  There are many different types of cells and they perform many different functions. The most common way to define cells is by … More Cells