The Eutopians and the Thirty Years’ War

The “Eutopians” of the sixteenth century changed the spelling of the word Utopia to Eutopia to signify that there could exist a place like Utopia. “Good place” was the Eutopians’ definition of Eutopia in comparison to the “no place” definition of Utopia. Around the time when the Eutopian thinkers thought up Eutopia the new world … More The Eutopians and the Thirty Years’ War

Some of Luther’s Ideas in ‘On the Freedom of a Christian’

In reading a selection from Martin Luther’s On the Freedom of a Christian Luther expressed many of his views on just what the title of his book states: the freedom of a Christian. First, Luther says that a Christian should live by faith in God alone rather than completing works.  He says that by doing … More Some of Luther’s Ideas in ‘On the Freedom of a Christian’

The Ninety-Five Theses

  The Ninety-Five Theses was a document written by Martin Luther published in the year 1517.  Luther wrote this document in order to get a message across to the Catholic Church.  He believed that the practice of selling indulgences was completely outrageous, so he wrote the Ninety-Five Theses as a sort of argument against the … More The Ninety-Five Theses

Ethical History

I believe that the biblical materials provided in the Bible show the role of ethics in history extensively. Numerous times in the Bible it is stated that when you do good you will find favor and that when you sin you will reap the consequences of your sin.

Abraham to Joseph

Abraham was told by God that he was to be the father of a great nation. Abraham was blessed with one son, Isaac, who was very precious to him. One day Abraham felt God was telling him to sacrifice something, his son Isaac. As Isaac was bound to an altar Abraham was prepared to stab … More Abraham to Joseph