Envy or Jealousy?

Jealousy and envy are nasty things to have present in your life.  They can take over your thoughts and life, just as it did with Satan when he was banished from heaven.  But just what was Satan’s primary motivation?  Jealousy or envy?  Before we jump to any conclusions let’s find out what exactly the meaning … More Envy or Jealousy?

A Hurting Soul

The book Historia and Tale Doctor Johannes Faustus, published in 1587, describes the history of Doctor Faustus, a man who was born into a Christian family and turned away from his family’s faith.  As mentioned before, Dr. Faustus was born into a Christian family but he was given away to be adopted by a rich … More A Hurting Soul

The Understandability of ‘Acts and Monuments’

The language that Foxe used in his over 2,000 page, small print book Acts and Monuments is almost understandable. This book was one of the first English literary pieces written, so it shaped and established the use of English literature for the future. Writers after him used his work as an example for their own … More The Understandability of ‘Acts and Monuments’