The Flat World Myth

Many of us have been taught that the reason why Columbus wasn’t able to get fast financial help for his voyages was because people thought he was crazy in thinking he could travel around the flat world to Asia. Our teachers have been wronged by being made to teach such nonsense. It is true that … More The Flat World Myth

The Catholic Church Before the Protestant Reformation

The Catholic church was never perfect but in 1517 on the eve of the Protestant Reform it was beginning to seem unworthy of it’s title. The churchmen seemed to just want to be involved to abtain the church’s money. Some were even absent from their positions, not wanting to be bothered with their jobs. Then … More The Catholic Church Before the Protestant Reformation

Power Conflicts

Beginning in 1322 there was a major conflict between Louis of Bavaria, the king, not emperor, of the Holy Roman Empire, and Pope John XXII. Louis, who was taking advice from Marsilius of Padua, did not yield to any orders from the pope. You see Marsilius was highly against the church having any authority over … More Power Conflicts

Louis XI

Louis XI, king of France was an interesting fellow who reigned from 1461- 1483. His most sought after goal as king was to make France more centralized as a single whole with one ruler commanding over the kingdom. Because Louis did not relish war he formed a team of international and domestic spies to observe … More Louis XI

Italy Without Peace

The Italian War of 1494- 1498 began when King Charles VIII of France desired to retrieve his claim to Naples. Milan being enemies with Naples gave Charles full consent on his quest until France began fighting for more territory than just Naples. He successfully continued to conquer the Italian states up until the remaining states … More Italy Without Peace

Rise and Fall of Girolamo Savonarola

Girolamo Savonrola, a dominican friar, believed that the Renaissance was a very sinful, pagan thing.   He therefore started preaching against it, being very successful in convincing people to burn their luxurious worldly things. Eventually after he made a new constitution for Florence he took power over the city as a somewhat dictator. Pope Alexander VI … More Rise and Fall of Girolamo Savonarola

Renaissance Popes

The Renaissance papacy was not as neat and tidy as you think it may have been, it had quite a few problems of its own. First, many popes were engaged with nepotism, the favoring of your relatives and appointing them to church offices. Other popes did not abide the rule of having no children. Secondly, … More Renaissance Popes