Front-Loading and Political Engineering

Front-loading occurs when someone over promises something. Say a teenager wants a new stereo system and he tells his parents that if they get it for him he will do more odd jobs around the house without questions. He tells them that the stereo system is the best out there and just went on sale. … More Front-Loading and Political Engineering

The Successfulness of Big Government African Economies

Africa had little, if any, success with the big authoritarian governments who controlled their countries’ economies. At some points their economies looked very well off but that changed when the countries’ economic booms dropped. Many of the kings of those African countries invested their money in countries other than their own like European ones. Once … More The Successfulness of Big Government African Economies

The Origin of Money

What is the origin of money?  These next few paragraphs will explain the process in a quick overview. People traded what they had for what they wanted; like a person who had some apples wanted some potatoes and the person who had potatoes wanted apples, so they traded.  But this method doesn’t always work. A … More The Origin of Money

Problems Policymakers May Face in Designing a Program

A person making policies for a government program to benefit people in unfortunate circumstances can come across many difficulties in the process of designing it. Say the policymaker is designing a program to entice alcoholics to quit drinking. He is planning on giving a reward to the people who quit drinking and stay clean for … More Problems Policymakers May Face in Designing a Program