Mannerism and Baroque

After and during a period of the High Renaissance new kinds of art appeared in the Western world.

Mannerism was one of the themes of art that were created during the years 1520-1600.  During those years the artists of Mannerism did not refer to their work as mannerism, “mannerism” is a term that came about in later years.  The artists made things that they were good at; their works were created after their own mannerisms.

These paintings were uniquely detailed unlike the older renaissance paintings.  For example, the painter Tintoretto had a painting of the Last Supper that showed the supper at a side angle with the people making gestures whereas in Leonardo de Vinci’s Last Supper it showed the supper straight on and had little movement amongst the people.  El Greco created a painting of a storm over the city of Toledo that could have possibly been the first landscape painting.

Another form of art that came about during this time is called Baroque (pronounced: baroak).  Baroque artwork had more focus on light, emotion, energy, and drama.  Bernini made a sculpture name David that shows motion and tense muscles as David prepared to throw his stone at Goliath with his sling.

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