Lasting Covenants

In reading excerpts of the King James Bible it is apparent that the idea of covenant sanctions was a very important concept.  A covenant is an agreement or promise between two people and sanctions are like consequences (e.g. when a child finishes his supper he gets dessert, when he does not he doesn’t get dessert). … More Lasting Covenants

A Cunning Old Man

The Pardoner’s Tale found in the Canterbury Tales contained a story about three friends who made a vow to kill death. The three men encountered an old man who insisted that he couldn’t die, when the men heard this astonishing fact they immediately wanted to know where they could find death. The friends demanded that … More A Cunning Old Man

The Illegitimate Story

“Why did Boccaccio have the first story teller invoke God?” In the first novel of Boccaccio’s Decameron Boccaccio had one of the characters (one of the story tellers) invoke God at the beginning and at the end of the novel.   [For clarification purposes invoke means to call for with earnest desire.] With the definition of … More The Illegitimate Story