So What?

While writing an autobiography you must consider these important two words: ‘So What’. By writing your autobiography with ‘So What’ in your thoughts you will be able to focus on the important and interesting facts that your readers will be intrigued by. Why would you include something in your autobiography that isn’t relevant to the … More So What?


When Olaudah Equiano first came on board a ship belonging to the British navy his first instinct was to be fearful. He had no idea who the people were and what they were going to do with him, for all he knew they were going to eat him! Though after a time he became accustomed … More Equiano

Descriptive Notes

In order to have well descriptive notes to describe the surroundings and going on of life around me I must be diligent in collecting important facts and details by writing at least once a week about significant occurrences during my life. In these writings, or journal entries, I should draw attention to even the smallest … More Descriptive Notes

An Unenjoyable Book

As I am almost halfway through Thoreau’s autobiography, ‘Walden’, I have observed that it is quite a boring book. Maybe if he had included more information on the background of his life his book would be easier and more enjoyable to read. But unfortunately I highly doubt it would be a success since that when … More An Unenjoyable Book

Great Observation

Solomon Northup had a very unique writing ability of using good and bad contrasts to engage the reader in his narrative. I believe that if I could successfully adopt even the tiniest bit of his great observation skills and put it to use in my life and autobiography my future books could possibly be as … More Great Observation

An Evil System

Thompson provided a substantial amount of convincing evidence revealing that the slave system was immoral and evil. With the beatings and inhumane living conditions some slaves had to endure it is astonishing to see that the slaves practically outnumbered the southern whites. How devastating it is to hear how so many people who God lovingly … More An Evil System