Trajan’s Column

Trajan’s Column was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Trajan after his victory in the Dacian Wars, the column is located in Rome, Italy. This column was completed in 113 AD and is still standing today.

This amazing piece of art intricately depicts the epic Dacian Wars in a spiral bas relief technique. It has a diameter of 11 feet and is 98 feet tall, not including the large pedestal that adds 27 feet to its height totaling to an enormous amount of 125 feet! The shaft is made out of 20 colossal Carrara marble drums, each one weighing 32 tons, the column, in addition, has 29 blocks of Luna marble that weighs more than 1100 tons. It’s capital block weighs 53.3 tons, this block had to be lifted about 120 feet to reach the top. It is a wonder how they were able to build this amazing column! There had been a statue of Trajan resting on the top, but it unfortunately disappeared during the Middle Ages. On December 4th, 1587, the column once again had a statue with a bronze figure of St. Peter which remains there to this day. Inside the column shaft there is a spiral staircase which leads to the viewing platform at the top of the column. This staircase consists of 185 stairs, on your way up there are 43 window slots to illuminate your climb.

As you can see this is truly an absolutely astonishing, marvelous piece of Roman art that has lasted more than one and a half millenniums to remind Rome of it’s past warrior, emperor Trajan!

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