Did Livy and Ovid have an Optimistic View for Rome?

There was reference to optimism for Rome in Livy’s literature as he believed that the Fates had a greater destiny planned for the empire. But Livy also believed that the more wealth something had the worse off that thing was going to become. In other words, he thought that being poor was better than being … More Did Livy and Ovid have an Optimistic View for Rome?

Rome’s Significance

Rome constructed the finest bridges, aqueducts, buildings, and beautiful artwork in all of Western civilization. The Latin language, which came from Rome, is the foundational language of many languages today, including our own English. It’s literature is also a great part of history. Rome preserved much Greek culture, without Rome who knows where we’d be … More Rome’s Significance

A Bad Relationship

The Visigoths and the Romans did not have a good relationship at all. The Visigoths wanted entry to Rome because they were being pushed out of their homeland by the very war like barbarians the Huns. Rome did allow entry but the Visigoths were treated so badly that they had to sell their children into … More A Bad Relationship

Trajan’s Column

Trajan’s Column was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Trajan after his victory in the Dacian Wars, the column is located in Rome, Italy. This column was completed in 113 AD and is still standing today. This amazing piece of art intricately depicts the epic Dacian Wars in a spiral bas relief technique. It has a … More Trajan’s Column