Lehrer’s Heart Attack

The story about how Lehrer had his heart attack is an in depth explanation of what happened to him, and how the heart attack came to him. Lehrer was having a normal December weekend until Saturday evening he was not able to sleep because of a bloated stomach, he assumed it was from the Tex-Mex food he’d eaten for dinner, little did he know that, that sleepless night would be the beginning of a drastic change in his life. He woke the next morning with little sleep, he had not gotten any better, now he had a sharp pain near his left shoulder. His wife urged him to call his doctor, but he said he would be fine, it was just the burritos that were getting to him, so he thought. He went on with his day by going to some Christmas gatherings, continuing to have the pain in his shoulder throughout the day. That evening, not feeling any better, he again was not able to get to sleep, finally waking his wife and reluctantly calling his doctor. His doctor, not wanting to be bothered by this patient at such an inconvenient hour, told him to go to the nearest hospital. And that they did, he drove, much to his wife’s concern, and smoked his pipe on the way. Once they got to the hospital he got checked in for the night, they confirmed that those symptoms he had throughout the day were signs of an approaching heart attack. Early in the morning of Monday, December 12th, 1983, the dreaded heart attack came it was the worst pain he’d ever experienced, but he survived!   The way he wrote about the heart attack coming made me want to continue reading to find out what happened to him.

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