Major Turning Points in My Life

One of the first major turning points in my life was when my father’s business was shut down, that’s when it all went down hill…. It all started when a disgruntled employee decided to tell the county auditor, a woman who also didn’t like my dad, that he was doing something “against the rules” which was a false accusation. It was an October Friday morning, my mom had woken me up telling me she had to go to the office. I fixed my breakfast and fed my dog, the only other living thing in the house, then continued with my daily routine, doing school work. Throughout the morning I called my mom, asking her what was happening and when she’d be back, but she didn’t tell me much. I knew something strange was going on. Later that day I found out that my dad’s business, Auto Licensing, had been shut down. My folks were furious.

About a year later the next major turning point in my life happened. My dad decided we should take a trip to Ecuador to check it out to see if there was a possibility of moving there. He had heard about it through a radio program. My uncle and his family (who lived in Switzerland) met us there, we stayed at Madre Tierra, a hotel in Vilcabamba for about four weeks. It just happened that, that hotel was for sale along with a little farm and guess what?!?! We bought it, moved down there, selling our beautiful house, leaving my only sister, friends, and family, and in a year or so later coming to what has been the most work in our lives, running a hotel…

Some pretty major turning points, huh?

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