A Change in Lehrer’s Life

Lehrer’s massive heart attack was not only life threatening, but was a help to improve his health. He made many changes to his normal life, such as discarding bad habits. He sadly had to give up smoking his beloved pipe, but he was happy to do it if it would help his health. He also had to quite eating unhealthy foods such as candy bars, Tex Mex, and restaurant food that of which he ate quite frequently therefore it was difficult for him to give it up. Daily napping was another good habit that he picked up after his heart attack, along with exercising regularly by walking and going to an exercise group at the hospital. Another great outcome from Lehrer’s heart attack was that he made a documentary about how to avoid a heart attack and how to determine the symptoms, it was called “Your Heart, My Heart”. His documentary saved at least one precious life that we know of, he helped people realize that a heart attack could be on the way. Lehrer figured out the hard way, by having a heart attack, that he needed to make some massive changes in his life.

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