St. Francis Xavier’s Mission Work

What did you learn about St. Francis Xavier’s missionary work in India from the letter you read in lesson 13?


By reading St. Francis Xavier’s letter to the Society of Jesus at Rome, the Jesuits, written in 1543, I understood that St. Francis Xavier was very passionate about his mission work in India.  It appears that Xavier had a heart for spreading Christianity to areas that were unexposed to it.

In his letter Xavier wrote about how children from the areas he did work in followed him around and helped spread Christianity to others.  He said that he trusted and liked the children better than their parents because of their childlike faith.

When he heard about places where idols were being worshiped he and a group of children went there to get down to business.  The children were just as upset about the idols as Xavier, if not more, and would destroy them in outrage.

Xavier made many connections with people throughout India, some people he was able to convert and others not.

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