Introduction to my Animals

Today I decided that I was going to create a non-school related post!



Less than a year ago a fellow blogger and I got on the subject of horses. You see, my family has a few of our own horses so I told her that I would put up a few pictures of them in the near future (that was in June..). I am so sorry that I haven’t done it yet. But now I am going to put up those pictures for REAL!

So, meet my horse Snickers. He is such a spirited horse, not to mention a handsome stinker! We’ve been through thick and thin in the few years that we’ve owned him. Anyway, on with the introduction.

Nov 2014 136

Now meet Corazon, my dad’s horse. By the way, Corazon means heart in Spanish.

Nov 2014 134

Snickers and Corazon are very close, they’re practically best friends 🙂 You should hear Corazon when he and Snickers get separated. Corazon will cry and cry until Snickers comes back. Even though Corazon seems to be inseparable from Snickers, he and Snickers still have their troubles. They like to pick on each other, but in the end I think that they still love each other even though they have their differences!

photo 1.JPG

The other horse with Snickers and Corazon above is Oreo, he is my cousin’s horse. Oreo is the youngest horse we have here. He loves to be in the pack with Snickers and Corazon. If you haven’t already noticed two of our horses have candy names, that’s my doing. 🙂 Candy names come to me so easily when I’m thinking of what to name an animal. I like candy names, but I don’t exactly like the idea of eating the ingredients in most candies…..

Now, I might as well give you a picture of my almost one year old puppy Mercy too-


Mercy was named after the Bible verse Psalm 23:6, Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all of the days of my life. In the year that I’ve known her she has lived up to her name quite well. She sure is a sweetie. 🙂 She absolutely loves playing with her mother, Poochy, and Star, a friendly female cat.

With this next animal eye shot I will conclude the introduction of my animals to you. I hope you enjoyed seeing them!



15 thoughts on “Introduction to my Animals

    1. Thanks! Every time I see our horses I think that they have become even more handsome! It is hard for me to take pictures of them that do them justice! If I find/take more good photos I will definitely put them up for you to see!
      So, from what I remember from your blog you have a horse too?


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  1. That is awesome!! I love horses. We will get some soon…. We have the space to hold 4-5 horses. The landscape in the background is really pretty! We have 3 cats that love our dog to where they sleep with her.

    I love that you named two of the horses with candy names! Actually, snickers are my favorite candies!!

    Great job!

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    1. Exquisite?! Thank you so much for that compliment! You can thank God for the beautiful surrounding areas. 🙂 The mountains here are definitely something else, I take it all for granted. In fact, some days as I am walking down the path the thought hits me that I actually live here in South America of all the places! Who woulda guessed?

      You are very welcome for sharing, it was my pleasure!


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      1. That is so cool! With our animals, we’ve only been allowed to name them food names (unless we were keeping them) so we didn’t get too attached. If you have any more pictures in the future I would love to see them.

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      2. Only food names?! But hay (do you see the pun??- hay is a food…), I think food names are pretty cool!
        I definitely will be posting more pictures of the animals and possibly the surrounding areas where I live soon. 🙂


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