We Can Overcome Robot Growth

“Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?”




In 2030 I will be in my early 30s and, Lord willing, I will have a successful and established business. Having my own business will provide me with an almost certain income in the coming years. Who knows what will be happening in this world by then, robots might have even taken over most of what we call our normal and routine jobs.

By running your own business you will have guaranteed employment in the year 2030. Some may say that thinking about whether or not you will have a job that far in the future is unrealistic, when in reality it is actually a very realistic thought. With the topic of Moore’s Law and the rapid increase of robot and machine capabilities hot on the headlines everyone should be thinking about whether their job will be sustained through the growth of robots, machinery, and technology.

From what I understand entrepreneurs are typically creative people, in fact humans in general are creative. Robots aren’t creative and they most likely won’t ever become as creative as us humans are. That is what we humans have going for us, we are ahead in the game because we are creative. We need to stay creative and not allow our creativity to be sucked out from under us by brainwashing or other things that seem to be harmless.

Having your own business will liberate you from wondering whether or not your boss will continue to pay you. But, as with most things in life you will have to be proactive, responsible, diligent, flexible, and creative with your business in order to keep it successful and profitable. By enhancing a bit of each of those qualities I discussed above and accepting God’s help you and I will be able to overcome the mechanical revolution that may begin to take away our jobs.


Picture Credit: Me, Allison. 

The picture above was taken about a year ago when my cousin’s dog, Poochy, had puppies.  Poochy had 6 puppies, one of which I kept, you can see my puppy, Mercy, here.  I will be sure to post more pictures of the puppies as they were growing…. 🙂

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