Gaining Personal Responsibility

“Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?”

From my perspective the free market is the greatest promoter of personal responsibility.  How in the world could the welfare state accomplish being a promoter of personal responsibility? Just take a look and be amazed.

The welfare state provides a person with their every need, whether money, food, or housing. When all of a person’s needs are met by the state the person really isn’t inspired to do anything, such as work for himself, all that he needs to do is plea to the state for more aid. The welfare receiver is totally dependent on the state, not on himself. Think about it, if every human in the United States were relying solely on the state for everything there would be no more workers, which would lead to no more sellers, and no more producers. Without people working and making money where would the state acquire assets to support you and everyone else? My answer is nowhere.

Whereas with the free market people work in order to satisfy their needs.  They must take responsibility for themselves, which means not depending solely on the state. Just as a baby or child depends on its mother to take care of him, many adults today depend on the state to take care of them. What exactly happens to baby kittens whose mother has left them? They often die. That is what will most likely happen to those dependent on the state when the state can no longer care for them. What a tragedy.

In conclusion, the free market is one of the best ways to master the art of personal responsibility; the welfare state is the complete opposite of gaining personal responsibility.

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