Paul and Justin’s Concept of God’s Sovereignty

From what I grasped by reading and comparing Paul and Justin’s writings on God’s sovereignty I found that there is a substantial difference between the two.

First off, Paul believed that all things that occurred were predestined by God. In other words, God planned every occurrence or outcome before anything happened. In Paul’s view God was the sovereign planner of all things. As a matter of fact God is even the planner of this whole world.

Justin believed that fate was the reason behind outcomes or occurrences. He thought that if you did good you would be rewarded with good, or if you did what God didn’t want you to do, bad, bad consequences would occur. What I understood was that in Justin’s view God was completely sovereign, but He allowed fate to alter our everyday life occurrences.

For me, this is all a bit too theological for me to fully wrap my mind around to grasp and understand. Therefore I do not have a very strong opinion or view of where God’s sovereignty extended to in Paul and Justin’s writings. Although I definitely believe that God is completely sovereign over everything. I also believe that your actions have consequences, whether good or bad. So, you could say that I hold an opinion similar to both Paul and Justin’s opinions.

God designed Paul and Justin both to be very wise and talented men, men that spread the wonderful message of God. I am sure that both of these men’s opinions and writings are held in high esteem in God’s point of view.

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