Gothic Cathedrals

The construction of Gothic cathedrals played a major part in the western church’s history. Unlike Romanesque cathedrals Gothic cathedrals had more windows which brought much more light into the church. Why did they have more windows than Romanesque ones? Well, it is because the Gothic cathedrals and buildings were built with flying buttresses which carried the weight away from the walls and off to the sides outside. With the weight being supported by the buttresses the walls could therefore be thinner and have more window space. The Romanesque roofs were supported by the walls leaving the walls thick and extra strong with little room for window light.

This Gothic construction also had a theological significance with the idea of a better geometric structure and more light. The theologians back then and now thought of God being a great mathematician as He ordered the universe in mathematical patterns and since He illuminates the mind, people who go to cathedrals will be illuminated by the light from the windows and by God.

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