Bastiat’s Concept of Politics and Plunder

     “Government is that great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else.” ~ Frederic Bastiat

     The definition of plunder is ‘to take or steal things from something by force’. Bastiat believed that where politics are found, plunder follows. Not so sure about this concept? It will make much more sense if you just listen- then you will have some deep thinking to do.

Now, in order for the government to keep a selected few of the promises they had made to the masses it must tax the masses. When the government first made the promise they had never mentioned anything about you having to pay-whether you wanted to or not- for the process of completing that promise. This along with taking from one source and giving it to another is what Bastiat calls ‘plunder’.   As Bastiat says, “Government can’t satisfy one party without adding to the labor of others”. You pay the taxes the government has put on you because if you don’t the government will impose even more negative sanctions on you. Another idea to ponder from Bastiat is, “Once plunder begins, where will it stop?” and “government as plunder is a threat to freedom”.

This concept should now be more comprehendible for you as you have seen a few examples of how politics and plunder go together hand in hand.

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