Front-Loading and Political Engineering

Front-loading occurs when someone over promises something. Say a teenager wants a new stereo system and he tells his parents that if they get it for him he will do more odd jobs around the house without questions. He tells them that the stereo system is the best out there and just went on sale. … More Front-Loading and Political Engineering

Setting an Example

“Did the early medieval literature that you have read encourage Christians to exercise political leadership?”   Yes, certain pieces of literature did encourage Christians to be involved in political leadership. Justin the Mary Martyr and Polycarp, who was also a martyr, both encouraged Christians to stand up to bureaucrats who did not obey God. Justin … More Setting an Example

Throw the Bums Out

“Should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone to run against him in the next primary if he starts voting wrong?”     Yes, I believe that the group who helped the legislator get elected should watch what their legislator is voting on and if he beings … More Throw the Bums Out