Robinson Crusoe’s Faithfulness to the Sea

In the book Robinson Crusoe Robinson went through many trials while at sea.  Before departing, his father warned him against going out to sea and told his son that he could have a better and more stable life if he stayed at home.  Crusoe took heed to his father’s advice for a few days but … More Robinson Crusoe’s Faithfulness to the Sea

Lasting Covenants

In reading excerpts of the King James Bible it is apparent that the idea of covenant sanctions was a very important concept.  A covenant is an agreement or promise between two people and sanctions are like consequences (e.g. when a child finishes his supper he gets dessert, when he does not he doesn’t get dessert). … More Lasting Covenants

A Hurting Soul

The book Historia and Tale Doctor Johannes Faustus, published in 1587, describes the history of Doctor Faustus, a man who was born into a Christian family and turned away from his family’s faith.  As mentioned before, Dr. Faustus was born into a Christian family but he was given away to be adopted by a rich … More A Hurting Soul

Setting an Example

“Did the early medieval literature that you have read encourage Christians to exercise political leadership?”   Yes, certain pieces of literature did encourage Christians to be involved in political leadership. Justin the Mary Martyr and Polycarp, who was also a martyr, both encouraged Christians to stand up to bureaucrats who did not obey God. Justin … More Setting an Example