A Mooching Virus

Viruses are very manipulative.  They aren’t actually living organisms, they use other organisms’ qualities in order to reproduce themselves and spread around.  Think of a person mooching off of you by living in your house, eating your food, and not helping out around the house because they do whatever they want all day instead of … More A Mooching Virus

About Cancer

When I was a little girl we went to visit a friend in the hospital who had cancer.  I wanted to cheer the girl up but I was worried that I might catch what she had.  Hospitals are where sick people go, so I might get sick too! I thought.*  Even after my parents reassured … More About Cancer

The Decline of Spain

Beginning in the early 1600s Spain began to decline from its prior position of wealth during the 1500s. There were many factors that contributed to the decline of Spain.  The output of precious metals from the New World dropped drastically and contributed to Spain’s loss of wealth. Another issue that arose causing more declines in … More The Decline of Spain


Constitutionalism is when the person in charge of a country, say a monarch or president, is limited in power and the things that he can do.  A constitution can be a written document or it can be a known fact. A Jesuit Spaniard, Juan de Mariana wrote a couple of books on limiting the power … More Constitutionalism