Labor Unions

  I have chosen to evaluate this statement: “All workers have benefitted from the existence of labor unions.” By evaluating this statement I am going to assess or appraise its worth and significance. To me the term “all workers” means all of the workers in the working population- not just the workers involved in labor … More Labor Unions

Blind Mice

  Profit and loss calculation within a free market is essential to any business; without it a businessman would not know if areas of his business were being successfully profitable or not. Normally a business man keeps track of what he has spent or put into his business and what he has earned in order … More Blind Mice

Foreign Aid = Disabled

  Foreign aid began as a system to assist other countries in need of financial help mainly after WWII (the U.S. is a big supporter of it), but foreign aid drastically failed its purpose. By the 1990s U.S. government organizations, the World Bank, and USAID openly admitted that foreign aid was not actually aiding the … More Foreign Aid = Disabled

Income Inequality

  In my opinion “income inequality” is not a problem in society. The matter is a case of what a person’s job is. A person who works at MacDonald’s is obviously going to earn less money than a brain surgeon. A brain surgeon has to go through a lot of schooling at a university and … More Income Inequality

Public Goods and the Standard of Living

  Public goods are goods that once they are made they can be used by the public at no additional cost (besides occasional maintenance and upkeep), such as: lighthouses, highways, and recreational parks. Often times public goods become confused with private goods. Take, for example, the landscaping and exterior of your house. People who go … More Public Goods and the Standard of Living