Did Livy and Ovid have an Optimistic View for Rome?

There was reference to optimism for Rome in Livy’s literature as he believed that the Fates had a greater destiny planned for the empire. But Livy also believed that the more wealth something had the worse off that thing was going to become. In other words, he thought that being poor was better than being … More Did Livy and Ovid have an Optimistic View for Rome?

A Great Persuader

The rhetorical context of Cicero’s orations- speeches- to the Roman Senate regarding Catiline, a conspirator and enemy of the republic, was very important indeed. Cicero’s words held vast importance because with his words he was able to manipulate masses of people into believing that Catiline was up to no good. These words put a fear … More A Great Persuader


Written in the play Agememnon is Aeschylus’s view of the Trojan War. Aeschylus indicated that the Greek gods were basically the controllers of every occurrence. Zeus was of course the god who had ultimate power and credit over everything, although each and every god had his own power over certain things. This then left an … More ‘Agemamnon’