Setting an Example

“Did the early medieval literature that you have read encourage Christians to exercise political leadership?”   Yes, certain pieces of literature did encourage Christians to be involved in political leadership. Justin the Mary Martyr and Polycarp, who was also a martyr, both encouraged Christians to stand up to bureaucrats who did not obey God. Justin … More Setting an Example

Strong Warriors

The doctrine of hell was quite important to the martyrs Polycarp, Perpetua, and Felicity. They would not have been martyrs had they not seen the importance of it. From what I understood these martyrs believed that if they blasphemed God’s name they would go to hell. On top of that they loved God so much … More Strong Warriors

Paul and Justin’s Concept of God’s Sovereignty

From what I grasped by reading and comparing Paul and Justin’s writings on God’s sovereignty I found that there is a substantial difference between the two. First off, Paul believed that all things that occurred were predestined by God. In other words, God planned every occurrence or outcome before anything happened. In Paul’s view God … More Paul and Justin’s Concept of God’s Sovereignty

Better than Penguins

Zeus and Jesus are substantially different especially in their ethical ways. Zeus’ behavior is far from being a good ethical example, whereas Jesus, in my view of course, is a perfect example of ethical behavior. Jesus forgives easily, even when people are trying to deceive and hurt Him, while Zeus is a much more difficult … More Better than Penguins

An Eternal Inheritance

From Paul’s perspective once you fully trusted Jesus you were “adopted” into His kingdom and family where you would receive eternal benefits of inheritance. “In Him also we have obtained an inheritance…” -Ephesians 1:11.     Isn’t it reassuring to know that our futures have been considered even before we ever existed? Orphans are no longer … More An Eternal Inheritance

Issues of Power

The main issue that divided Jesus from the Pharisee leaders of Israel was power. Jesus was performing miracles that the Pharisees had no control over and that they could not perform themselves. Jesus also changed a few of the laws without the Pharisees consent. Divorce was one of the laws that Jesus had changed. He … More Issues of Power