Extreme Home Makeover: House Reveal: Part 2

See part 2 of my house reveal on my Chicle In Ecuador blog!

Chicle in Ecuador

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about my house.  Today I will give you the details about it that you have been waiting for!  (Sorry it took me a while to get this up.  My apologies!)

When we bought the land that our house is on it came with a number of buildings.  Two large sugar cane processing buildings, the main house, a caretaker house, and other structures.  Three out of four of the mentioned buildings were in a disastrous state and two still are (I’ll post more photos of those later).

The caretakers’ house is where I live; it’s the house that you saw in the other post.  Well this caretakers’ house needed an EXTREME home makeover for a western family like mine to live in it comfortably.  It was supposed to be a home for goodness sake!  Not a shack.

Even now with…

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