A Deer Problem

Living in the country or somewhere where there hasn’t been much development can often lead to frequent visits by pesky animals who want to feed off of your land and garden.  These animals could be deer, rabbits, raccoons, or bears.

My grandparents live on a farm and they get many different animal visitors during ever season of the year.  Deer often come to their farm and eat their trees, which leaves the trees in a dying state.  My grandparents noticed an increased presence of deer and other varmints when their dogs died. You see, the dogs chased away the deer and other animals.  My grandparents know that if they got another dog the deer would not come and destroy their plants as often because a dog is a predator to the deer but they don’t want to get another dog, so how else control the deer visits?

Well, my grandparents could remove all of the plants that deer eat so that the deer would have to go elsewhere to find food, but they live on a farm so removing the plants probably would not benefit the farm very much.

They could set out poison or shoot the deer and have venison for supper, that would decrease the deer population.  Or they could set up some sort of spooky contraption that looked like a predator that would scare the deer away, but eventually the deer would probably figure out that it wasn’t a real predator.

I’d say that the most practical way to remove the deer from the land would be to get a guard dog but since my grandparents don’t want a dog they could bring in wild coyotes that they wouldn’t have to take care of but then the coyotes would kill the livestock too!  Oh dear, maybe they should put up a wall around their land like Donald Trump and keep those mooching deer out!

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