Two Different Environments of the Same World

  1. Compare and contrast two biomes of your choice. What do they have in common, and what is different about each one? What unique challenges are faced by organisms living in each biome? What are the advantages of living in each biome?

I have lived in two different biomes.  When was younger I lived in a Northern Coniferous Forest and now I live in what I believe to be a Tropical Dry Forest.

In the northern coniferous forest where I previously lived there were the typical four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter.  In the tropical dry forest where I now live there are two seasons, dry and rainy (see labeled photos below for comparison).  Both of these seasons are very similar in temperature except for that during half of the year it rains more often and the other half it rains very little.

(On the left is a photo of a mountain side during the dry season where I live and on the right is a photo of the same mountain but in the rainy season.)

017        img_6995







The northern coniferous forest has many coniferous trees, trees that don’t lose their leaves and have cones like pine trees.  The tropical dry forest here has lots of spindly thorny trees that can absorb lots of water during the rainy summer to sustain themselves during the dry winter.  This winter has no snow though, it is called winter because lots of things die due to the lack of water.

Where I live now we are able to grow food all year round as long as we water the crops properly whereas in the northern coniferous forest where I lived it would freeze and snow during the winter part of the year making it almost impossible to grow food year round.  Since there is no snow in the tropical dry forest it is impossible to ski or do other snow involved activities that you can easily do in a northern coniferous forest during the winter.

Another thing that is different between these biomes is the fact that there are many different animal and insect species these climates.  For instance, in the northern coniferous forest where I used to live we didn’t have any mosquitos and in the tropical dry forest here there are many sorts of bugs that bite.  Other northern coniferous forest areas might have mosquitos but it is something that I have not been accustomed to and it is quite bothersome to have many mosquito bites.

Both of these biomes are quite comfortable and each have their own advantages even though they have huge differences.  Isn’t it amazing how we can have such diverse biomes existing in the same world?

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