Factors that Determine Climates

  1. What causes different climates in different parts of the world? Why are some areas dry while others have heavy rain? Explain the general, global climate patterns and then describe the specific biotic and abiotic factors that influence the climate in one particular biome.

Throughout this beautiful world there are a number of different climates and biomes (different environments of the world).

Solar radiation is one of the main causes for these different climates.  When the earth spins around the sun shines on it at different places during different times of the year.*  This leads to warmer times of the year in certain areas and cooler times of the year in other areas.

Convection currents are another explanation regarding different climates.  I’m sure that we have all experienced the increase of heat when we go upstairs or into the attic.  We feel more heat up there because warm air rises.  The air molecules are more active up there and spread apart, forcing the cool air down and the warm air up.  This effect helps to explain winter and summer.  Convection currents also create areas that are dry and moist.

Evaporation occurs when water evaporates and goes up into the air and forms clouds.  Have you ever noticed that if you have a bowl of water sitting idle over a few days the water level goes down?  That is evaporation.  Bodies of water like oceans, lakes, and rivers have water evaporated from them and then form into clouds.  Therefore, evaporation can lead to the cause of different climates.

Abiotic factors contribute to the climate in a biome as well.  Abiotic factors are things like temperature, solar radiation, moisture, minerals, and other physical factors.  These factors are non-living.

Biotic factors can also have an effect on climates and biomes.  These things are living organisms and affect other organisms living in the biome.  Parasites, predators, and pathogens are some examples of biotic factors.  Animals that “move” to different biomes or climates can encounter difficulties regarding biotic factors that they aren’t accustomed to.

So many scientific factors were created to work together to result in the many different climates and environments that we know today.


*Sorry Ryan, I wasn’t given an explanation on the cause of different climates according the flat-earth theory.  Maybe I’ll ask my teacher about this.

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