About Cancer

When I was a little girl we went to visit a friend in the hospital who had cancer.  I wanted to cheer the girl up but I was worried that I might catch what she had.  Hospitals are where sick people go, so I might get sick too! I thought.*  Even after my parents reassured me that I would not get sick from the visit I was still a bit worried.  Over time I understood that cancer wasn’t something contagious.

If you have a worry that you might catch cancer from someone you know I will try my best to convince you that cancer is actually not contagious.

Cancer often begins in a body when multiple mutations (think of the mute button on your TV controller, it takes a very important thing away from the show you were watching), happening over the course of many years, occur in cells.  Sometimes certain genes like tumor suppressors (the p53 gene is one that helps to prevent cancer) become disabled or mutated which activates an oncogene, a gene that causes cancer, that gets out of control in producing cells and can’t easily be stopped.

Most brainwashed doctors and scientists have a tough time curing cancer because all they know is what they learned in school.  They use things like radiation to kill cancer that will not only kill cancer but mutate other important and vital organisms in the human body that will lead to death as well.  If you repair the beneficial cells that were mutated maybe the cancer would stop.  If you discontinued feeding the cancer cells things that they thrive on (for example, certain foods) perhaps they would die out and stop being cancerous.

Cancer is not something to be worried about if you live a healthy lifestyle and take care of your God-given body.  Your body is such a special gift that it deserves to be well taken care of- the right way though- you wouldn’t want to destroy a gift given to you that you really liked, say the computer you play your video games on and do school with, would you?  I encourage you to think about your body and be responsible.


*Also, why would you go to a hospital to have a baby when there are sick people and germs around?  A baby is so new and delicate that a virus from a hospital could easily prey on the young life.  Yikes!

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