“What’s Done is Done”

In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth there were many horrible things done.  People were being misled, lied to, and worst of all, murdered!

The main character and his wife, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, did the brunt of the un-godly acts.  Macbeth committed treason, lied numerous times, murdered the king, and ordered the murders of other people.  After all was said and done Lady Macbeth and her husband felt the guilt of having done such horrible things.

I believe that to be encouraging to herself and her husband after committing such things Lady Macbeth said this phrase, “What’s done cannot be undone.”  I was assigned to write this essay to clarify whether or not she was correct in stating those words.  Personally, I believe that what she said was true; it was done and the things they did could not be taken back, just like toothpaste cannot easily be returned to its tube.  Of course consequences frequently come along after your actions.

Lady Macbeth ended up holding the guilt of her actions which lead to her death.  You see, she too had committed murder in Shakespeare’s play.

Macbeth died as well, but guilt was not the cause of his death.  He went to war against the true heir to the Scottish throne, Malcolm, because Macbeth wanted to be the king and Malcolm wanted to claim his rightful place on the throne.   One of Malcolm’s friends, Mcduff, had the honor of slaying and taking the head of Macbeth.  Malcolm then had his kingdom back, all to himself although I’m sure that there was much confusion and skepticism amongst the Scots because of the previous events.

Once we say or do something it cannot easily be undone, just like we saw with the case of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.  Your words and actions can leave a lifetime of an effect on a person.  In Macbeth’s case his actions killed people and then they lead to his own death.

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