A Hurting Soul

The book Historia and Tale Doctor Johannes Faustus, published in 1587, describes the history of Doctor Faustus, a man who was born into a Christian family and turned away from his family’s faith.  As mentioned before, Dr. Faustus was born into a Christian family but he was given away to be adopted by a rich relative and went to live with him where he eventually inherited the estate.  Under the care of his relative Faustus became a well-educated man in Theology but ultimately there was something missing in his life.

One day a demonic spirit approached Faustus with an offer to live under the devil and have whatever he desired in exchange for his soul after 24 years.  The enemy wanted this susceptible subject of prey.  At first Faustus ignored the offer but he eventually reconsidered it and decided to give it a go.  In exchange for signing over his soul to the devil Faustus was taught by demonic spirits how to practice sorcery and obtain whatever he wished.

In the final month of Faustus’ contract with the devil he became worried about the state of his soul.  He realized that maybe this exchange wasn’t as good as he had originally thought it was.  In the end, Faustus did end up surrendering his soul to the devil, but he was not enthusiastic about doing so.  The night before his death he confided in his friends explaining that he would be dying and advised them they should never do something like what he did.  He suggested that they should repent to God just as he wanted to repent of his wrongdoings but was unable to do so.  He died at the hand of the devil a few hours later.

After pondering Faustus’ situation I came to the conclusion that the reason Faustus was willing to give his soul away was because he did not feel wanted as a child and when the devil approached him Faustus felt wanted, unlike what he experienced when his parents gave him away as a child.  Little did Faustus know that someone higher and greater than the devil actually wanted and had a deep desire for him.  God wanted a relationship with Faustus, yet Faustus ignored it and sought after worldly satisfaction.

This theme of people giving their lives away to the devil has reoccurred numerous times throughout history.  The people who give their lives away have obviously been hurt deeply, so deeply that when the enemy comes around to tempt them they are so wounded that they are susceptible to the schemes of the devil.  The infection of the devil upon one’s life is similar to a cut that scabs but the scab keeps coming off and therefore there is open flesh, susceptible to infection, and once the infection sets in it is difficult to get rid of unless you completely cleanse it, cover it up to heal, and check up on it daily to make sure it is clean.  God is the best doctor who can help you heal these sorts of wounds.

If only the hurting souls of this world would wake up from their wounded state and realize that there is a higher purpose for their life than submitting to the devil’s devices.

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