The Eutopians and the Thirty Years’ War

The “Eutopians” of the sixteenth century changed the spelling of the word Utopia to Eutopia to signify that there could exist a place like Utopia. “Good place” was the Eutopians’ definition of Eutopia in comparison to the “no place” definition of Utopia.

Around the time when the Eutopian thinkers thought up Eutopia the new world was beginning to be discovered and new ways of government were being thought about. The Eutopian thinkers wondered what form of government the societies of the New World used and if it was better than how the European government was. With their thinking they thought up Eutopia, a place like Utopia that actually could exist.

A few decades after the Eutopian ideas came about Europe became involved with the Thirty Years’ War. The Thirty Years’ War was a very big war that left about 6 million people dead. It’s understandable that people would be on the look-out for a better organization of society and government that would lead to a better life.

The Thirty Years’ War went from 1618 until 1648. It all began with the Defenestration of Prague. The defenestration (the throwing of a person out a window) occurred when a few officials and secretary of the prince of Bohemia were thrown out a window because Prince Ferdinand didn’t allow Protestants to continue to have certain privileges that they previously had. Many confusing facts regarding who was to be Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and who was king of which countries got people in an up roar. This spread the war around Europe. Some of the candidates for Emperor were too bias or not tolerant enough. Numerous other things occurred during this war such as deposing of kings.

In 1648 the Peace of Westphalia was established. This was a series of treaties practically giving Protestants the victory over the Thirty Years’ War. Papacy involvement and religious views in government became less common. Still, even though the Protestants gained more freedom from government many, many lives (about 6 million as mentioned above) were lost which took decades, even a century for Germany, for the countries involved in the war to recover.

It appears that the Eutopians didn’t end up with their good, Eutopian society in the end. But at least with the war, people were given more freedom of religion from the Holy Roman Empire.

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