The Successfulness of Big Government African Economies

Africa had little, if any, success with the big authoritarian governments who controlled their countries’ economies. At some points their economies looked very well off but that changed when the countries’ economic booms dropped. Many of the kings of those African countries invested their money in countries other than their own like European ones.

Once their economies started going downward they kept going down further and further. Some countries, such as Zaire (formerly and currently known as Congo), had such a terrible economic crisis that the hospitals didn’t even have oxygen or bandages to care for their sick. Additionally, in the hospital morgues there were so many dead people that some deceased remained in their ICU hospital beds. This was the consequence of having a bad king rule and by imposing high price inflation.

On the contrary, in different African countries, such as, Botswana, the officials decided to take government back to the countries’ roots. The different tribes and villages had authority over their territory, if something controversial came up in the village a town meeting was called and the village people had a say in what would be done to resolve the matter. Once a conclusion was agreed upon the village would put it into effect. This system of governing worked wonderfully for Botswana; its economy was thriving, unlike the economy of Zaire. The people of Botswana were able to question the local authorities and have their voices and opinions heard.

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