Could ‘Utopia’ Lead to More’s Persecution

Was More risking persecution by the church because of his book, Utopia?


I do not believe that More was facing any risks of being persecuted by the church when he published Utopia.  I assume that he thought that most of the people who read his book would realize that the book was satire- depicting the place of Utopia as a foolish and nonsensical society.

To give a few of the book’s satire examples, the people in Utopia did not care about fashion trends; Utopian wives did not complain; precious metals were used as toilet bowls and toys; there was no currency; and Utopians were not greedy or prideful.

From what I gather, in its day Utopia was a popular piece of humorous literature and being as it was humorous it was not to be taken very seriously.  And besides the humorous part of Utopia, Thomas More was a Chancellor of the Catholic Church, which made him highly respected among church leaders.

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