Anti-Poverty Program Outcomes

Anti-poverty programs developed by the U.S. government have unfortunately not been very successful. With the amount of money being spent on fighting poverty it is surprising to see how the actual poverty rates have risen since anti-poverty programs have been instilled. In 1965 federal welfare spending for anti-poverty programs was at $178 billion (in constant dollars [today (or 2011’s) dollar amount with inflation]). In 2011 the welfare spending had increased to $668.19 billion, yet the poverty percentage has actually increased.

(Here is my source for the information I have stated above: The American Welfare State: How we spend nearly $1 Trillion a Year Fighting Poverty- and Fail by Michael Tanner)

Once people realize that someone- the government- is giving out stuff they decide that they need to get in on the action too! Therefore, the number of people in welfare programs increases and then the amount spent in those programs increases too. That results in more people in “poverty;” people who don’t necessarily want to get off of their government couches to earn a living by themselves because the government has got them covered! Ha! What would happen if all tax payers decided to get in on welfare? Who would provide money for the welfare programs if everyone who used to be taxed to pay for welfare wasn’t there to be taxed? I have a vague idea of what would happen: chaos. People were (and are) dependent on the government and didn’t have to work hard to live and when reality hits, oh dear, there are going to be some unprepared people. What happened to empowering people?

5 thoughts on “Anti-Poverty Program Outcomes

    1. I have taken Government 1A and currently I am finishing up on Government 1B. Both of the courses are 90 lessons so you could probably do them in a school year. I highly recommend taking them!! These courses have become one of my favorite subjects to do. And they contain lots of valuable things to learn.

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      1. Is it necessary for me to take 1A if I am to take 1B? Are they connected to each other? I would like to take both, but I am only allowed to take the RPC for one more year. Did it take you one school year to complete them or two?
        Thanks for your help!

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      2. I don’t think that it is completely necessary to take both courses, but I would recommend it. Each course is only 90 lessons long, so if you took both it would equal 180 lessons- the same amount of lessons that is common in a RPC course. I’m sure you could finish both courses in a year; I know that they are designed to be done in a year.
        I don’t think I did mine in a year, I had other school priorities so these courses were put off a bit.
        Hope this helps!

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