The Washington Monument Syndrome



The Washington Monument? Great let’s go for a visit!

To your surprise, when you arrive at the Washington Monument to tour around it is closed and you are not allowed to enter. Why is this, you wonder? You spot a nearby tourist and decide to ask him if he knows what happened. The tourist responds by saying that groups had been nagging the government to decrease their unnecessary spending, so the government decided to shut down the Washington Monument in order to “decrease” spending.

This is the “Washington Monument Syndrome”- when bureaucrats have been asked to decrease spending, but they decide to decreases the spending in areas that really don’t need a decrease. They often do this to get the public to encourage or “okay” federal spending again.

In my view it is quite a childish system or should I say syndrome?


Photo Credit: Me.  This is Mandango in the dry season (it is rainy season currently).  It is one of the more popular mountains in my area.  In fact, it is located right behind where I live, so I get to see it everyday.  The people here sometimes call this mountain a “sleeping man,” because if you look closely (from certain angles) at the part in the far left of the picture you can see the silhouette of a person.  

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