The Benefit Principle



The benefit principle is a way of taxation. This system decides how much to tax depending on how many benefits a person receives from the government.

Some people claim that the rich benefit more from the government than the poor because the rich have more things that the government needs to help them protect. Yes, the rich have more assets and money, but they most likely will invest in ways to protect it themselves, such as a bank or high security systems. That leaves the government with less work, am I correct?

Also, if the benefit principle were put to use all government employees and bureaucrats would have to give virtually their whole salary back to the government, because they “benefit” by receiving their paychecks from the government.

The benefit principle has major issues. Many people would most likely be very unhappy with this system if it were being used commonly today.


Photo Credit: Me.  This is Mercy (left) and Muffin (right). 

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