The High Cost of TV



Over the past week I have been keeping record of how much TV and social media have been consuming my spare time.

The amount of TV I typically watch per week is 4.5 hours. If I had my own business I could be using that time to help my business grow and I would get some sort of profit while doing it. I then calculated how many hours of TV I watched per month which amounted to 18 hours. If I multiply 18 hours by $20 an hour, which would be the wage I would earn by running my own business, I would earn $360 per month with my own business if I didn’t watch TV. Next I inserted the numbers into a compound interest calculator with a growing rate of 10%, a monthly addition of $360 for 53 years. I discovered that if I continued to watch 4.5 hours of TV per week I would lose and not have $8,493,910.57 (that is 8 million)! Who would’ve known that watching TV could cost so much.

If I did a similar calculation for the money and time I would waste on social media each week (3.5 hours) I would lose another whopping $6,606,374.88.

A few months ago before I began my business course and before began working on goal setting I watched so much more TV than I now watch. Mainly with the advice of a wise author I read and by the influence of other Ron Paul Curriculum students’ essays along with a bit of guidance from one of my teachers, Gary North, I began to realize that TV was consuming too much of my precious time so I cut my TV watching way back. I encourage other avid TV watchers to do so too, it really isn’t that hard, but then again I have been known to be very self-disciplined. To me it is freeing and empowering when I say “no” to TV. Just try it out, start out with one less TV show per week and spend that time doing something more productive. I think that you’ll find TV to be an unnecessary pastime.


Photo Credit: Me.  Here is another sweet puppy picture for you all!!  On the left is Muffin (or Moofeen as his name is pronounced in Spanish) and on ther right is Big Boy.  As you can see, they were enjoying a snack of milk!  I almost chose Muffin as the dog we were going to keep but, I decided to leave him for a local family to have.  

17 thoughts on “The High Cost of TV

  1. My family have never cared to watch TV. We do have Netflix, but I only watch movies when I am grumpy and need a time for myself. I like to much more things other than watch movies and TV :). TV actually drives me crazy, with all the commercials and all. Anyway, great job on your essay! I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

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  2. Talk about cuteness overload! Do you breed dogs? I keep seeing so many pictures of puppies!😍

    Great essay by the way! Ever since I found out how much time I was spending on TV and other entertainment, I find myself spending more time on more important things like a potential small business I’m working on.


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    1. No, we don’t breed dogs. My cousins’ dog had puppies about a year ago (it wasn’t planned) and they decided to give away the puppies to friends. I thought people would like to see a bunch of cute pictures so I post a puppie picture every so often.

      That’s good that you have been cutting back on TV. It is a very wise decision!!!

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      1. Well, it makes sense… Maybe next time you could be more patient and she might let you watch something, but still, TV isn’t the most productive thing that you could be doing.


  3. …hmmm. when I was much younger than I am now, I began to detest TV because of its influence over my parents. It was serious competition, and I was at the bottom of the list. At 16, I decided that I did not want it to dominate my life. I have never regreted that decision. We have chosen, as a family, to live those hours rather than watch others live, which has trickled down into many benefits and blessings. We do watch documentaries and Youtube for the sake of learning something we want to DO, not just for constant entertainment. My husband always says that you either rule things (like TV and tech, etc.) or you become a slave. It’s one or the other.

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