The Rising Costs of Health Care



Health care costs can be very high in number. Why is it so high?

Well, first off let me tell you why health care came into being in the first place. During World War II there was a shortage of workers because many men were off fighting in the war and businesses in the United States (and possibly other countries) were not allowed to raise the wages they were offering to workers. In order to entice people to work for them the businesses included “health care” in their wages.

After WWII labor unions decided that health care should be provided by employers as a regular contract demand. With the union workers getting health care included in their wages the nonunion employers thought that they had better include health care in their wages in order to prevent more people from joining labor unions, so health care became a common thing included in contracts.

Now that many people had health care provided for them they consumed as much health care benefits as they could even if they didn’t need it. The out of pocket cost for them was very minimal. Many people simply went to the first clinic or practice available to have a treatment- they did not “shop around” to see which place had the most affordable price because their health care was paying for it. Therefore, with many people using health care excessively the price of health care began to rise substantially because of the lack of health providers.

Another factor that contributed to the rising high cost of health care is that there are many regulations imposed on health insurance etc.

In my view, health care is an unnecessary cost to add to one’s budget. When people take care of their health and be healthy they won’t have to visit the doctor as often. When someone else is covering a person’s health care costs that person won’t take care of his body as well as he could because he doesn’t have to pay the full cost of his health treatments etc.

In conclusion, health care not only takes a sizable amount of money out of one’s pocket, it takes away a person’s long term health too!


Photo Credit: Me.  We have these lovely vine flowers on one of our walls.  They are quite stunning!

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