Income Inequality



In my opinion “income inequality” is not a problem in society. The matter is a case of what a person’s job is. A person who works at MacDonald’s is obviously going to earn less money than a brain surgeon. A brain surgeon has to go through a lot of schooling at a university and work very hard in order to become a certified brain surgeon, and he most likely had to pay a lot of money, or go into debt, to learn the skill. A MacDonald’s worker has to simply apply for the job and hope get it.

It makes sense to me that a brain surgeon is going to have a higher income than a fast food employee because there is so much more work, time, and money that goes into becoming a brain surgeon than what goes into becoming a fast food employee. I’m not saying that being a fast food employee is bad, because it isn’t. A future brain surgeon might even work at MacDonald’s for a time so that he can pay part of his way through university. In other words, a future brain surgeon might be very poor for a time but after a few years of actually working as a real brain surgeon he will rise to a wealthier status.

The simple example above can be used as a model to compare other “income inequalities” throughout the world.

In every society there are many different types of jobs- jobs that are not equal- so governments need not involve themselves to make incomes equal when the jobs are truly unequal.


Picture Credit:  Me. 

The photo above is a photo a bunch of bananas that my uncle found either at the local farmer’s market or on one of our banana trees.

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