Tools that I Might Use for Goal Setting



There are four tools for goal setting that I find to be beneficial in the goal setting process.

The goal setting tool that is #1 on my radar is Nozbe. I like Nozbe because of its easy layout and the ease I find in setting up my goals. You can also add sub-tasks that would need to be done in order for the goal to be completed. I also like Nozbe because you can use it as an app on multiple devices which can be a real benefit for those who have tablets or smartphones. One downside to Nozbe is that you cannot have more than 5 goals (projects) or else it will charge you $8.00 a month, but I suppose that if I find this program to be very useful and I need to set more goals I will splurge and pay the price even though I do not yet have a steady income that could support such a thing.

The goal setting program that is #2 for me is a notebook (or 3 by 5 notecards/flashcards) and pen. I can write down my goals on paper and I can do almost everything with a paper and pen that an online program can do. A few down sides with the paper and pen method is that paper can get old or lost and it would not be as easy to revise a goal or task.

#3 on my list for goal setting tools is the Microsoft Excel program. You can set up charts, such as goal sheets, and a wide variety of other things with the Excel program and keep it stored on your computer or print it out. The only downside I see to this program is that it takes a while to learn how to use Excel properly. In fact, if I had more knowledge on the program I might have put Excel higher on my list, but the truth is I do not know enough about it so I am unable to use it efficiently. I am definitely going to try to learn more about how to use Excel because I know it could be very useful in my future.

The fourth program I have chosen to list here is called Lifetick. This is my least favorite program out the four that I have mentioned. It is very similar to Nozbe in the way of how you set up your goals and tasks etc but I do not like the way it is laid out and the way it looks. I know outward appearance shouldn’t matter but hey, it says something that I am listing it here. Unlike Nozbe you can only have 4 goals before you have to pay, but the upgrade cost is about $40.00 a year, so it is substantially cheaper than Nozbe. Maybe I will use both of the systems, Nozbe and Lifetick, in the end, but who knows.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try out each of these programs to see which one best fits me the most.  Whatever program I use, I am definitely going to be writing down my goals somewhere and so should you! Have you found any goal setting programs that work well for you? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


Photo credit: Me.  This is a pic of Preciosa, aka: Lacy because she liked to chew on shoe laces :).

7 thoughts on “Tools that I Might Use for Goal Setting

  1. Hey Allison, great job on the essay, but I think you forgot to capitalize the “but” at the beginning of the sentence where you talk about how you don’t like the way Lifetick looks and is laid out.

    Anyway, I wrote something in the comments on my traveling blog in the About Page that I would like you to see… It’s from an old conversation we had that I never responded to until now.

    By the way, love the puppy pic! 🙂


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    1. Thanks Hanna! Oh yes I see the “but”. Humm, I think it was meant to be that way since etc had a period after it. Maybe I’ll just remove the period.. Thanks for telling me!
      I’ll head over to your blog to see you comment shortly 🙂


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