The #1 Task of a Salesman


According to Harry Browne in his book The Secret to Selling Anything the #1 task (a task that is the secret to selling anything) of a salesman is to find out what the prospect or customer wants and help him get it.

This task is a very important one to consider and put into action. The customer doesn’t want to buy something that he doesn’t want; he wants to buy something that he wants. With that being said, isn’t it obvious that the seller should find out what exactly the customer wants and help him to get it? Just think about how much easier it would be to sell something to someone who wanted the product. Wouldn’t you be more likely to buy something that you have interest in or want?

The way that you can find out what the customer wants is by asking him questions and engaging in a conversation with him. Begin by asking about his life or business, or whatever your product might apply to. Once you have uncovered what motivates him and what he wants you should summarize what he has just told you to make sure that you have not missed anything. When you summarize what he had just told you the customer will realize that you actually had an interest in what he was saying, you will honor him by doing this. Honor is a great thing to give to anyone. By now the prospect should be much more comfortable around you.

Now, you can begin to sell your product to him (only if it could be useful to him). Tell the customer about the details of your product that will benefit, interest, and strictly apply to him.

By putting this simple task into action you will most likely become a much more liked and successful salesperson.

4 thoughts on “The #1 Task of a Salesman

  1. That essay is VERY well said. I did girls scouts when I was younger and part of it was selling cookies. It was a big thing because for one, who can resist really cute little girls saying “would you like to buy some cookies?” in a little girl tone and everything. But you also can’t exclude the yummy cookies!! 🙂

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    1. Oh! I’m glad you liked my essay! Be sure to remember these tips for when you do go into some type of sales job. 🙂

      I would also recommend taking the Business courses offered with the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. Although I am only ten lessons into the first course I can tell that it is and will be very beneficial to me and my future!


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