Sources of Advice? Not Exactly.

The Song of Roland and The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi did not give adequate guidance as to how a typical Christian should live.

First let’s start with the Song of Roland. It did not give much religious advice or guidance of any kind. This book was more of a heroic war poem, although it did contain religious content, as it referred to God as the Sovereign One and gave Him the credit for certain outcomes. If you would like to have more of an idea of what to the Song of Roland consisted of read this and this essay.

   The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi was a much more religious book. It gave accounts about miracles that the friars in the Franciscan order did, and discussed other religious and non-religious matters.

Out of both literary pieces The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi definitely took the number one place for being a guide as to how a typical Christian should live, but it did a considerably poor job of doing so. It appeared to me that this piece was aimed more towards friars in the order instead of the typical Christian. But, maybe friars are “typical Christians” and I simply do not know the difference. Still, this book did not even describe what things are against the rules of Christianity and it did not give any “how to’s” on Christianity, so how would a friar be guided on his journey through Christianity just by reading this book? I seriously do not know. Although, I do know that some who read this book with the intention of be guided through Christianity may be misguided and may even completely drop being a Christian because, this book does not give any encouragement to Christians in the way of enjoying being a follower of Christ and gaining eternal life. (For more information on how The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi’s helps [eh hem: discourages] readers to have a hope of gaining eternal life you can read my essay here)

As I look back at the time when I read these two books I would say that the Song of Roland was much more intriguing to read than The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi. In fact, I am going to discourage you from reading The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi. Only if you are or have intentions of becoming a friar, monk, or nun do I recommend you read this book.

If you take joy in reading oddly inconsistent war stories I recommend you read the Song of Roland; and even if you aren’t a war-y person (like me) you might still enjoy reading it. I found it fun and engaging to read at some points; especially as I waited for more inconsistencies to appear in the poem.

These two literary pieces are probably viewed as guides to how a typical Christian should live but once you open their covers you will find that these books are in fact not qualified guides for a Christian’s walk in life

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