A Few Differences Between Roland and Oliver

In Stanzas 87 of the Song of Roland it is stated that, “Roland is valiant and Oliver is wise.”

Oliver was a smart and logical warrior while he was battling Muslims during a crusade in the poem Song of Roland. He thought through his actions and thought about what outcomes might come from his decisions.

Roland, on the hand, was more honor and pride driven. He didn’t want to sound a trumpet for help when his fellow troops really needed assistance because he didn’t want to appear to be weak.

When Roland finally realized that he should sound a call for help it was too late. He only had 60 troops remaining to fight the 100,000 Muslims. Just minutes after he blew the trumpet to signal the king, Charlemagne, and his 10,000 knights to come to assist, Oliver was slain. If Roland had just considered the suggestion that Oliver had made to signal for help sooner Oliver, one of his best friends, might not have perished.

Roland and Oliver both had exceptional qualities about them. Their qualities are the kind that we all should develop and use during trying situations.

If these men were combined together and removed some prideful traits they might indeed make up one of the descriptions of a virtuous Proverbs 31 person.

“Strength and honor are their clothing…They open their mouths with wisdom…And do not eat the bread of idleness.”

Proverbs 31:25-27 {revised}

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