Christianity and History

Christianity’s role in history according to Augustine is not something to simply skim over. He stated that God is sovereign over history and that those who follow God will receive eternal life. With that being said it is obvious that being a disciple of God has very appealing benefits.

Augustine also viewed history as something that is hard to bear, or something that comes with tribulation. But with God tribulation isn’t as trying because God will rescue His people from the raging waters of life just as Jesus reached out and took hold of His disciple Peter as he was sinking in the water (see Matthew 14:31).

Augustine also thought that because of God we don’t have to fear the afflictions of persecutors because persecutors can only harm our bodies not our souls, whereas God could harm both the body and soul of the enemy.          In Augustine’s City of God he showed the church as being in a minority position throughout history and that the church was not a guide to Christendom.

What does this all conclude? I believe that Augustine viewed Christianity as having a role in history, not a minor role, but a fairly intermediate role. I believe that Christianity could have an enormous role in history if Christians and disciples of God would lay their lives into God’s capable hands and allow Him to work in their lives. When God is the author of our stories great things can happen- history can change!

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