Meet my Friend, the Remnant

Can the remnant ever become the majority?

When I first read that question I was dumbfound, yes dumbfounded. It stumped me severely. But thankfully with a bit of research and assistance from my fellow classmates I was able to find a solution to my dilemma.

You must first know what the meaning of the word remnant is. The remnant is the part of something that is left when the other parts are gone, so basically it is the remainder. With this small definition of the word I realized that the remnant cannot ever become the majority. People in the remnant may transition into a majority group but there will always be a remainder or remnant of people left. People in the majority group may fall into the remnant group just as people from the remnant may rise up and go into the majority group.

In conclusion, the remnant can never become the majority but people who exist in the remnant can become the majority. I am pleased to say that I have learned quite a bit by writing this essay and I very much enjoyed discovering this new addition to my vocabulary- the remnant!

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