Strong Warriors

The doctrine of hell was quite important to the martyrs Polycarp, Perpetua, and Felicity. They would not have been martyrs had they not seen the importance of it.
From what I understood these martyrs believed that if they blasphemed God’s name they would go to hell. On top of that they loved God so much that they would do anything for Him. They trusted Him so steadfastly that they wouldn’t even imagine abandoning God because He would not abandon them.
Think about it. God died for us and every sin so that we could have eternal life, isn’t it more than fair that we surrender our lives in order to defend our mighty King’s name?
This concept isn’t much different than that of any army. Men and women enlist themselves into the army in order to help defend their country. They virtually give up their lives; they leave their families, friends and homes behind. Why shouldn’t we do this for God when people do it every day for their country?
God isn’t a country, He is the maker of the whole world. Who wouldn’t want to stand by the side of Maker of the world and serve Him. Besides, when you surrender your life into God’s hands it will have a much better end result than if you were to give your life to your country. There would definitely be a substantial drop in the number of soldier deaths in every nation. Yes, you may still die while in God’s hands but the reward in living for Him is far greater than any remembrance ceremony on this planet.
I am sure Polycarp, Perpetua, and Felicity each felt that their suffering was worth it for God, they were His warriors. By continuing to stand strong in your faith you will become a great example for other believers and the world around you.

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